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UnErase poetry was a confluence of art forms that are different I have been an tried to reconcile those differences, also had been exposed to. The type of growth in the audiences that see poetry is rather limited.

poem on women’s day

it is inspired by, boosts, or elaborates on feminist principles and ideas. It may be composed with the conscious aim of expressing philosophical principles,{women’s day poem} although occasionally it is identified as feminist by critics at a later era.

Some writers are thought to express feminist thoughts even when the author was not an active member of their political movement throughout their era. Unerase Poetry

poem on women’s day in English || Unerase Poetry

unerase poetry

Many feminist movements, however, have adopted poetry as a vehicle for communicating with public audiences via anthologies, poetry groups, and public readings.


Why Suffer Silently?

– Helly Shah

you the spitting image of a goddess you
the self-made Empress you dear woman is
everything wonderful in a society
failing to see the glass half-full
every breath a blessing and a burden
alike since the day, you were born you
fall yet you rise but for a week every
the month you bleed, you bleed rivers forming
oceans of red and they’ll never get what
it’s like
so they pretend they don’t know instead
it starts with an unbearable pain
the knowing ache in your abdomen your body
at war with itself running out of
patience girls skipping school with
women missing office staying at home
feels like a better deal than dealing
with all these cramps clots the wretched
pain all aboard the period train it’s a
natural process my child mothers persist
you’ll get through it
best friends insist sanitary napkins
check comfort food check some boy talk
and sappy movies sure the recurring pain
in nausea a collateral damage you
must end your Noma this isn’t what I
should go through this is beyond
feel-good sheik lists dysmenorrhea a
disease women don’t know exists and
don’t even get me started on the media
they tell you your blood is your
strength your period your superpower
femininity using out of your Anatomy
just stop for once be real enough
advertisements to make us feel
invincible enough products to keep the
blood invisible our minds conditioned to
think what is invisible doesn’t exist
surely the cramps the womanly diseases
are nothing but a myth
I know your argument I know you will
complain enough has been said about
periods social media are going insane
we’ve liked we’ve shared and tweeted for
God’s sake normalized menstruation
what’s this about the dam ache periods
are normal period pain is not so stop
treating yourself like you deserve this
like it’s some kind of punishment you
get for being a woman
stop calling something natural just
because it happens over and over again
you did not choose the disease you did
not choose the pain you did not choose
the mood swings the bloating is the body
pains and backaches then why live with
it if that’s not what it takes periods
are normal period pain is not it’s time
to do your research it’s time to put in
the efforts talk to your girlfriend’s
tell them to for once doing this for you
speak up before it’s too late
raise an alarm to open the damn gate why
suffer silently when you can scream
because it hurts why to suffer silently
when you can shout because you should
it’s been far too long you’ve held on
patiently this is your battle there is a
cure then why to suffer silently
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