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social media essay
impact of social media on youth essay
What is social media?? Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube Instagram Flickr Ning delicious but that’s not all social media covers many other digital tools even email and SMS are social media tools in Scotland seven in ten of us have internet access at home we spend around 13 hours online each week at home at work and on the move and most of us with internet access use it for networking through social media
Social media incorporates the online technology and methods through which people can share content personal opinions swap different perspectives and insights into world issues and generally discuss the evolution of media itself social media website content can come in many shapes and forms text is often used to put across opinions or write blog post images and photos can display anything from
holiday photos to shots by professional photographers audio social media lets you create podcasts for users to download video video sites mean that you’ll be able to record a video of your child’s birthday for friends all over the world to see the most popular types of social media websites are huge at the moment a few examples of these social media websites are social networking websites that allow you to create a personal profile about yourself then chat discuss and share information with others such as friends and family prime
impact of social media essay
examples of social networking sites are myspace Bebo and Facebook wikis are websites that allow you to create edit and share information about a subject or topic Wikipedia for instance is one of the most popular wiki’s video sharing sites allow you to upload and share your personal videos with the rest of the web community a perfect example of a video sharing website is YouTube photo sharing websites allow users to upload pictures and images to a personal account which can then be viewed by
social media essay
web users the world over Flickr acts as a great example of a successful photo-sharing site news aggregation news aggregators provide a list of the latest news stories published by users from a range of different websites Digg for instance is one of the web’s largest news aggregators with one of the most dedicated communities social bookmarking social bookmarking sites allow users to publicly bookmark webpages they find valuable in order to share them with other Internet users online gaming is often
based around communities World of Warcraft is a prime example of online gaming presence apps these websites allow you to post microblog like post to announce what you are currently doing Twitter is a good example of a presence app this list is by no means exhaustive and there are many more types of social media sites available on the Internet and because the social media front is moving so fast even if it was possible to list all the varieties of social media websites that exist new and innovative social media sites spring up nearly every day
essay on social media advantages and disadvantages
social media provides new ways to connect interact and learn we can find people with similar interests we can share knowledge and experiences we can learn from each other and we have an opportunity to develop ourselves personally and professionally knowledge isn’t static it’s a work in progress the internet gives you access to blogs and websites which allow you to read and understand social work in a broader context and allow you to take much more responsibility for your learning and knowledge base your reach can
extend locally nationally and internationally but it isn’t just about making connections with those who are influential it’s also about making connections with those who use services and the great thing about any chat that takes place in an open social space is that it allows anyone from students to service users heads of services academics policymakers and practitioners to join in but remember it’s very easy to become carried away and believe that social media and the ability to crowdsource ideas and share problems will provide
the answer to all ills it doesn’t remove the need for face-to-face communication remember the social part of social media it’s more about the quality of connections you make and the way that you are able to build conversations into relationships this can be forgotten sometimes in the rush towards building up lists of friends or followers the internet moves information quickly whether for good or bad and the lines between our professional and personal lives are blurring you might have an anonymous identity

Essay on social media

but that doesn’t exempt you from the codes of practice respect the profession and the type of work you do it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use these tools but do so responsibly it’s important to consider your role as a professional social service worker registered workers must work to the triple SC code of practice for social service workers for example code 5 says that you must uphold public trust and confidence in social services whether you are in work or outside of work you need to follow the same standards in online activities
as you would in any aspect of your life social media lends itself to a multitude of possible ethical issues in relation to clients social workers and social media conflict of interest privacy and confidentiality inappropriate self-disclosure and dual relationships is looking at a service users profile or blog an invasion of privacy or does it provide beneficial information especially in emergency situations it should go without saying that confidentiality should never be breached while some networks can seem safe there is
essay on social media
no need to share details of your work to friend or not to friend we are shewed a social worker draw the line with a service user social service workers need to consider those relationships with people who use services in the context of the maintenance of professional boundaries as a social service worker you must consider the potential impact of any relationship online or otherwise on your ability to maintain those boundaries you may not know if someone online is using social services but if you become aware
what is social media essay
that they are it is important that you discuss particular circumstances that apply with your line manager to ensure that the consequences of a relationship are considered in terms of your ability to deliver safe care and to comply with the codes of practice allowing a person who uses surfaces or their kiddo to be your online friend or follower is not acceptable for a registered social service worker it creates a personal relationship outside of your workplace and it leaves both workers and people who use services open to
allegations from comments they might post no need for me to worry I don’t use the social media stuff remember you might have an online presence even if you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account have you been to a wedding recently or a birthday party where friends family or maybe colleagues took photos are the users of Facebook the photos from that event might well now be in cyberspace people who know you may see them are you absolutely happy that your actions at that celebration are now in the public eye
find out the risks it’s crucial to understand online safety not only a social workers but as adults generally because that knowledge helps to keep vulnerable children and adults safe take time to find out about available technologies and potential risks even if you don’t intend to engage with social media sites yourself remember to also keep up to date it is a field which is constantly evolving is private really that private be aware anyone can search for information about you online just as they do for any service or
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product avoid putting personal information on your pages such as where you work or your phone number and no matter how private we think we are once you’ve put something out there it’s out there that said make the most of what privacy settings do exist the internet is not anonymous nor does it forget try searching for yourself to see how well protected your personal online presence really is no comment be responsible for the way you behave and for what you post and use common sense and judgment as a social
service worker you should always be respectful of the privacy and feelings of others don’t talk about the people you work with treat colleagues with respect both in the physical workplace or online you should not use it for attacker abuse to make malicious comments to ear concerns about issues at work or provide privileged and confidential details about work or individuals as this could be a breach of the
triples C code of practice be clear and transparent using employer logos may imply you are authorized to speak on behalf of your employer you’re probably not on your social media networks you only represent yourself but official or not inappropriate remarks could damage your employers reputation or a colleagues representation or your own and finally don’t ignore the value of social media for clients
social media boon or bane essay
it now plays a part in the development of services particularly in the context of personalization many service users are using social media to increase their choice and control so in short, we expect you to use your common sense always think twice protect privacy respect any policies of the organization you work for and remember your responsibilities as a social services worker.
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