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Why Water is Life?

The earth is called the puke planet because of the presence of water on it, life on the earth is possible only because of the presence of water. water is the most precious gift of God do humanity. water is needed in every walk of life like for drinking cooking sanitation etc.

Most of the water on the earth is found in the Seas and oceans, but this water cannot be used directly as this water is saline. The percentage of usable water on earth is limited, but the demand for water is increasing day by day due to the rise in population. So it has become very necessary to save water. Nowadays wastage of water has become a burning issue, A huge amount of water is wasted by human beings on a regular basis.

save water essay

How To Save Water Essay

We can save water by closing unwanted running tabs, using buckets instead of showers for bathing etc. Various practices like green water harvesting reusing water can be adapted to save water. Someone has rightly said “save water save life” as we cannot live without water, hence awareness should be spread among people in order to avoid the problems related to lack of water in the future.

importance of water

  •  Water is the source of life
  •  Without water, we cannot survive
  •  We waste a lot of water for
  •  We can save water by turning off the tap while we brush
  •  We can save water by not using washing machines to clean clothes
  • We can save water by avoiding bathrooms showers
  • Instead, we can use a bucket and muck
  • We should fix all water leakages
  • The government can save water with leak-proof pipelines
  • Public and government need to work together to save water
  • We need to use rainwater harvesting methods
  • We should not pollute rivers and lakes
  • Water is a scarce resource we need to save it for future

Essay on Save Water

Human life is not possible without water. water is the source of life, but we humans fail to recognize its importance. earth is covered by 71% of water and 29% of the land, but only 2.5 percent is freshwater, most of it is trapped in glaciers and snowfields. Only 0.007 percent of water is drinkable out of all water available on the earth.

essay on save water

Drinkable water is a scarce resource, we can save water with simple solutions. we should fix water leakages, we can save a lot of precious water by doing this instead of a bathroom shower, we can use bucket and mug we should not keep the tap running while brushing teeth we should use water-efficient toilet flush farmers need to monitor water usage for their crops. Most of the country receives rain in monsoon we need to conserve this valuable water we should use rainwater harvesting to save water.

The government should use good pipelines which will not break or leak. we should have water meters fixed to pipelines so that we use water wisely. we should not pollute the rivers and lakes. Industries should not drain their poisonous waste in rivers. The public and the government need to work together to save the water, save the planet.

Save Water Essay in English

Jordan is the 4th driest country in the world. Even with water use being one of the lowest in the world, Jordan’s annual water use still exceeds renewable supplies.

USAID is helping solve the problem directly at the local level. USAID and its partners Mercy Corps, Jordan River Foundation and the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature are working in all 12 governorates with over 150 community-based organizations to adopt innovative water demand solutions. With a budget of fewer than one million dollars per year, this program benefits tens of thousands of people in Jordan.

One example of these projects is in Al Raya. We want everybody in the village to get benefit from this project. They use water for many purposes. They can see the water and touch the water and it impacts them every day. Starting with the economic situation, through irrigation and also the health situation for members of the family…are getting more and better through the use of clean water.

Save Water Save Life Essay 

The quality of the water is very high – I give you one simple example. When I want to make tea, it comes from the well – not from municipal water It empowers the local community to manage and conserve their own water. That’s important. In the past, it dug another well. Now they are involved in water conservation.

They work together as a community to solve their problems. The project empowers local communities to work together to conserve water. The project affects the way the people of the village deal with water, think about water and manage the water. Through projects like this one, USAID and its partners are improving the daily lives of people of Jordan. By helping manage and provide water – one of the nation’s most important resources. They believe in their insides that each drop of water has a great value.

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