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prosaic Meaning

Prosaic means That sense clearly owes much to the meaning of the term’s Latin ancestor prose, which meant”prose.

” From the end of the century, however, poetry had become seen as the creative, beautiful, and emotional type of writing, and prose was relegated to the status of plain-Jane and mundane.

Meaning of Prosaic

Because of this, English speakers started using”prosaic” to reference anything considered ordinary or overburdened, and they gradually transformed it into a synonym for”colorless,” drab,” lifeless,” and”lackluster.”

Characteristic of prose as distinguished from poetry History offers ample evidence for an arrangement resulting from a poetic interpretation of its representations, as opposed to as a prosaic transcription of an objectified picture.

prosaic meaning

prosaic poetry example



-Mahek Jangda

so I sorry  I just got this train of
thought to speed through my mind and me
realized that I don’t want to lose it
because in a second my mind will be full
of swarming bees, a text I receive will
remind me of a meeting I have later
tonight and while I sit here to write a
the poem I don’t know what about I wonder if
it’s right to list down the cacophony
going on inside my mind I look into the
mirror in front of my bed and wonder if
I can see the aura about which I’d read
only earlier this morning it was an
the article you see about her auras are easy
to read it would take practice though
the article warned but in my world full
of instant gratification
why do I want to waste time practicing a
the skill I think I’ve already learned just
by reading no stop what are you doing to
yourself you have work to do money to
make why you spending your energies on
this poem for God’s sake so I shut my
book open my laptop but I see my phone
from the corner of my eye, Chloe might
not be consisted that’s shocking or
maybe not oh my god post about her short
hairs so it’s even chubby faces just
popped up could it be a sign or a clue
am i hungry for a pizza right now well
that could be true I just click on the
link in my order goes through on my cell
test by North Korea that would be
consequence consequential for the world
but to say I won’t remember anything
I’ve read in this technological swirl
overload this information
overload stop but if I stop when I be
left too far behind from all the great
minds who think they know everything
about everything no no let me just go
take a walk ding the lift plays the song
that’s gonna be stuck in my head for
very long I want to go for a walk but I
refuse to walk down the stairs because
my life is a series of tasks and between
those tasks there is emptiness complete
disconnection because of tiredness and
during those tasks, there is still
emptiness complete disconnection because
of the millions of sparks going through
my mind all at the same time and my
inability to pay any of the attention
enough to discover fire so well
it’s always dark in there sorry sorry I
was going to go for a walk to clear my
mind oh my god it’s raining how could I
not prepare for this possibility could
it is a possibility that was thinking
about every far-fetched possibility I
forgot the most obvious one is this an
epiphany have I discovered some greater
truths to life do this occurrence have
any hidden meaning am I supposed to
learn something out of it oh my god I’m
not supposed to analyze every small
thing do I live inside a poem for every
the sentence in my life to be a metaphor I
was so lost in my thoughts that I don’t
notice that gap rushing in my direction
honking to death yours I can see the
next scene wide and clear I jump out of
the cabs way and fall to the ground and
just like in the movies as I get up I
have discovered the secret to life but
the cab driver stopped a few inches
short it’s his fault that I’m not
enlightened right now so instead I walk
in win fake arguments with the cab
driver in my head my head all it
does is think why you here why to do
you exist or think how do you
become successful how do you climb to
the top of the social ladder just think
think so much about how you feel
and what you feel that you forget to
feel just rush rush rush about to do
everything but in the end do nothing Shh
silence the voice of your own
soul and keep thinking about how no one
understands you and how you just don’t
fit in but forget that when you lose
yourself where can you belong in this
the hustle-bustle of today tomorrow
yesterday where ideas are easy to come
by while the action is not in this routine
in this mundane where you are everyday
struggling to be different and unique
and better yet to be approved you are
the same and so am I a bogged down
little soul with too much going on
because you listened to all the chitter
chat is constantly cluttering your mind
but you are too oblivious to listen to
that meek voice knocking at your door
from inside your soul thank you
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