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Time is short What is your life it’s even a vapor that appeareth for a little time and then vanishes away If someone had told me when I was 20 years old That life was very short and would pass just like that I wouldn’t have believed it. these are some best life status.

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And if I tell you that you don’t believe it either I cannot get young people to understand how brief life is how quickly it passes It seems like yesterday..

  • Do Not dream Your own Life, live depends on your fantasy.
  • Life is just one, and Life is Never easy for people who dream.
  • You alter Everything When It’s Not Ok, and It is not The End.
  • Occasionally A life Without distress is a life without joy.
  • Should You Live A Joyful
    Life, Prove It To Your Target, Not To Folks or Matters.
  • After all, We all are tales in the long run.
  • If matters go wrong; do not go together.pain.
  • Time change priority changes.
  • Life doesn’t have occasionally the replies aren’t supposed to be found.
  • I have got a very high life — I am fortunate enough not to be deprived.
  • Idle Men and women are dying during their long Life.                                                                  
  • Dream it. Wish it. Do it.
  • Do notChoose. Accept Life as it’s in its totality.

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  • An Individual’sSuccess is dependent upon their dedication.
  • Life Isn’t easy.
  • Life is easy, But We Insist On Creating It Complicated. Occasionally
  • The Great Life Can Be One Inspired From Love And Performed By Knowledge.
  • Achievement Is We had beenBorn to be bona fide, not perfect in our Life.
  • Life is Brief, and it’s here to be lived. The biggest
  • May you and I don’t Want a real existence. I need a glad life.
  • In the event that you need Life to smile at you, give it your extraordinary state of mind.
  • AnticipateNothing from other individuals and you’ll never be let down…
  • The most prosperous Life is a sweet music…. Simply play with it.
  • Infrequently, The off base decisions bring us into the perfect spots.
  • Not Life, Life is aLife IsYou Have to Keep Moving.
  • The GreatLife Can Be One Inspired From Love And Performed By Knowledge.

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What a thing it is when you think that you have just one short life to spend and it will soon be over I’d write down my priorities in life and I’d get committed to certain priorities.

Now is the accepted time the things we ought to do the classes we ought to take the books we ought to read do it now The family that needs you to spend more time now

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  • Life Is SoMuch Brighter When We Concentrate On What Matters.
  • You’reGiven This Life since You’Re Powerful Enough To Live It.
  • To prevail in Life, You Need Two Things: Ignorance and envy.
  • “Achievement” All depends on the subsequent correspondence; Life is Aspell so delightful that everything plans to part it. The expense
  • Be patient and comprehension. Life is too brief to be malicious.
  • In threeJealously incomes From Counting Others Blessing Rather Than Our Own.
  • We’Re JustTrying To Get Some Shade In This Black & White World.
  • LocateSomeone Who Will Change Your Life Not Your Dating Status.
  • I don’t Life is not about how to endure the storm, however, the way to dance in the rain.
  • A life Without distress is a life without joy.
  • Just how much you relish your Life is much more important than how much you have in Life.
  • Don’t go during Life, Grow Throughout Life.
  • There’s no Poor faith. You will find only bad men and women.

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  • Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are where we ought to dance.
  • Life is a journey 
  • Never be Cowardly or unkind.
  • Don’t go where the route may lead, instead of choosing a way where there’s not any path and leave a trail.
  • Live and Allow live.
  • Life is a stunning battle.
  • NowLife is You never know precisely what you are likely to get.
  • Love is Life. The caliber Issue
  • In 20Years, you likely won’t even recall this.
  • Bright eyes, Full hearts can not lose.
  • We’re what we do.
  • Life is a stunning battle.
  • Life is brief, and it’s all up to you to ensure it is sweet.

Write that letter home now that you’ve been meaning to write Money you ought to give no time for study do it now people you ought to witness to do it now Every time the clock ticks, ( WhatsApp status quotes on life )it seems to say now Today if you will hear his voice

There may not be a tomorrow for you and for me because there’s a warning to time Time is running out for all of our time is too short for indecision and vacillation Do not halt between two opinions Fools say the time is long.

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  • An easy life is a gorgeous life.
  • The planet is small, and Life is brief…Spread smiles and discuss peace.
  • Life is ten percentile is a Sexy Music….just play with it…
  • reproduction without Much Much Like Broken Pencil, There’s No Point.
  • Life is made Of So Many problems Welded and combined Together.
  • Life Is Like Photography. We Produce From Your Negative.
  • Forget The Day’S Troubles Understand The Day’S Blessings.                                           (best life status)
  • We are just attempting to discover some color in this black & white globe.
  • Live your Life is not About becoming and having; it is about being and giving.
  • I have Success Always hugs you privately, but failure constantly disturbs you in the general public!
  • Be Yourself! You are not born to impress anybody.
  • What Ever Forget What Hurt You But Never Forget What You.
  • A Well Smile, As it is easier than describing why you are so unhappy.
  • Making the Life has been difficult, why we create it, Harder?
  • Life is Honesty is the very best present you can give.
  • Things AreEverybody Plans for tomorrow but tomorrow’s Promised to no one.            (life quotes)
  • Love in Your heart brings Life to a spirit.
  • I expect Life’s not a huge joke because I do not get it.
  • Life becomes easy once you become loaner.
  • If you treated like a choice, they would never get an ideal answer!!
  • Do not think you’re Nothing, Do not believe you’re Everything, But remember you’re something.
  • There Just lessons.

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The Bible says to redeem the time because the days are evil and the days in which we are living are very evil If there was ever a time for the gospel that can transform the human heart it’s now Jesus said as long as it is the day.

we must do the work of him that sent us the night is coming when no Man can work The night is going to come in your life.

Yet there was a serenity about the work of the Lord Jesus It’s the quality of life. Not the length Jesus only had 33 years And it ended on the cross To the world He was a failure yet that moment yet at the end of his life

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  • To meet our DESTINY remain True to Your HEART
  • Life can beDull unless you put some effort into it.
  • Life is something which happens when you can not get to sleep.
  • Live without limit, and focus on the positive.
  • Life is simple, But We Insist On Creating It Complicated.
  • Life is made Of So Many Partings Welded Together.

             ( inspirational status about life)

  • Live Life to state NOT to IMPRESS.
  • Life is like Photography. We Produce From Your Negative.
  • Life is something which everybody should try at least once.
  • Just a life
  • Life is not about discovering yourself.
  • There’sChange the planet by being yourself.
  • Be too Busto take some time for regrets
  • Life straightforward, but we insist on making it complicated.
  • God gave us We create above Life to be wholesome.
  • All Life is an experiment.
  • After you state you are going to make do with the second, that is what befalls you throughout everyday life.
  • An existence absents Much Like Broken Pencil, There’s No Point.

Will your work be finished. Is there a quality to it. Is there a dedication to it Suppose all of our members tithe their time to witness for Christ as we tithe our income for the church Fill your heart with the Word of God.{life status for WhatsApp}

I found that those who know the scriptures are the ones that have the power today But we need men and women who walk with God.

(Whatsapp status about life)

And if you do that you too can finish the work that God gave you to do and help us to realize the brevity and the urgency of time And may we invest what little time we have in the kingdom of God

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