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India is content with theoretical knowledge while the other one is stopping the global knowledge bank one endures is miles away from the government while the other one interacts with the government many times a day one endure suffers the problem of choked lines while the other one is already online one
India is still grappling to the heaps of paper when the other one has gone paper-free so why not to bring both India together on a digital platform so that both government and citizens can go online so that we don’t have to put aside our jobs studies or home to stand in queues
so that our blood pressure and the petrol gauge remains normal so that we don’t need to sweat and based our time so let’s together make that visiting in their power to empower our Honorable Prime Minister has always in massage every scheme with an approach to empowering the citizens an example of this empowerment is Jam Jan van add har and mobile
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another major step towards empowerment is the digital Indian mission if we are to take this mission to every corner of India the first prerequisite would be the digital identity of every citizen in the country this is already being done through the allotment of other gods once every citizen has a digital identity it would need digital connectivity to appeal all the services and
this would mean mobile phone for every citizen having achieved this we now welcome all the citizens to the digital world now you will be able to submit an application online from anywhere no need to go places stand in queues or depend on middlemen for there will be an ensign that will ensure the safety and security of submitted applications having completed the submission what about the required supporting documents
now for this procedure – you won’t have to run from pillar to post making copies and true copies you can do all this online through the digital Locker once your important documents are stored in digital Locker they can be accessed from anywhere they can be shared – with anyone at any time and should you require to make payments you will be able to do this through the online payment facilitate pay gap
where your payment can be tracked through your jun-han account from now on all government schemes and facilities will be accessible digit but what needs to be noted is that all this infrastructure and facilities will digital India a digital India is a program to transform India into a digitally empowered society so what is digital India it is a program to prepare India for knowledge future

Essay on independence day

it is an information technology-based program it is an umbrella program that weaves together a large number of ideas and thoughts into a single comprehensive vision so that each of them is seen as a part of a larger goal the weaving together makes this mission transformative in totality it is a program that works in synchronization that is it pulls together many existing schemes into one platform under common branding of the programs as digital India
highlights so vision of digital India focuses around three central key areas that is digital infrastructure governance and service on-demand digital environment so number first is infrastructure as a utility to every citizen, first of all, we have to provide high-speed Internet as the core utility then cradle to grave digital identity that is unique lifelong online authentic able identity should be therefor
every individual then mobile form and bank account enabling participation and digital and financial space easy access to common service center that is cloud storage must be there for the documents of every individual then shareable private space on a public cloud with safe access to cybersecurity space then second is demand-based governance and service on demand it must be seamlessly integrated across departments or jurisdictions
then real-time access service available in real-time from online and mobile platform should be there all citizen entitlements to be available on the cloud so that they can access anytime services digitally transformed for improving ease of doing business it must also be business-oriented platform and making financial transactions electronic and cashless with security third vision area is
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the empowerment that is digital empowerment of citizens Universal digital literacy has to be made then universally accessible digital resources would be available all document certificates to be available on cloud in various different languages then collaborative digital platforms for participative governance various digital platforms under one umbrella of digital India concept then it must be cloud-based again
that is the portability of all entitlements through the cloud so in order to make this thing possible there must be some infrastructure and all the things that are considered under nine pillars of digital India that are flat bin public Internet information for everyone early harvest programs universal access to phones ID for jobs ecran t e-governance and electronic manufacturing
so first of all broadband Highways Department must be there for all rural as well as urban and various national information infrastructure must be there so these are the details that you can view so this was the pillar number first then we have pillar number two universal access to mobile connectivity by the time 2020 almost all of them would have mobile phones so it is very important to connect each and
every mobile phone to the Internet technology so Universal access to mobile connectivity is the only way to make to is still India concept a true success then public Internet access program that is it is also called national rural internet mission connecting all the rural areas international mainstream and post of offices to become multi-service centers they are on the way to becoming the same pong game programs is about CSC
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that is made viable multifunctional endpoints for service delivery then peeler for ego Vernon’s that are working of the government should be made online it would consist of four things that is process people technology resources and all of these four resources are working in synchronization providing services to the common man so II governance is a success ego witness is a concept for simplification
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it is a reduction in complexities use of online repositories example school certificates voter ID cards etc and workflow automation becomes synchronized the fifth pillar is equality or electronic delivery of schemes so these are some of the schemes like technology for education all schools connected with broadband and technology for health a healthcare online medical consultation technology for
planning GIS-based decision-making technology for farmers that is real-time price information online ordering of inputs and then technology for security mobile emergency services also covers technology for financial inclusion like micro ATM programs then technology for justice like II cords II policy GLC prosecution and last but not the least technology for security national
cybersecurity Coordination Center so this all comes under electronic delivery of services that will be made possible under digital India program then pillar six is information for all like online hosting of information and documents that a citizen have open easy access to information open data platform it would be a two-way communication between citizens and the government then online messaging of citizens on special occasion

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programs the last is largely utilize existing infrastructure limited additional resources must be needed Baelor 7 is electronics manufacturing that is target NetZero imports by 2020 it is a striking demonstration of intent ambitious code which requires coordinated action on many fronts like taxation incentives economies of scale eliminate cost disadvantages focused areas then varied electronic
products must be produced within India under make an India campaign and there are many ongoing programs which will be fine-tuned existing structures inadequate to handle this goal so it needs a little bit strengthening pillar 8 is I deferred jobs so whatever we are doing it is just to upliftment the life quality of an individual so train people in smaller towns and make them reliable by their own then train services
delivery agents to run viable businesses delivering IT services and telecom service providers to train rural workforce in order to cater the basic needs so these are some of the key aspects of IT for jobs then pillar 9 is early harvest programs that is IT platform for messages government greetings to be heed readings biometric attendance for the employees public Wi-Fi spots for easy access to the all these services which comes under Digital India program
essay on independence day in English
school books to be ebooks getting rid of those heavy bags of children SMS-based weather information for farmers national portal for lost and found children so the conclusion that we have from this digital India concept is that implementation of suitable preservation strategy for digital data and documents is required for our country collaborative efforts and sharing information will help preservation
rather than duplication that is redundancy elimination then online everything collaborative efforts and online medical consultation online cash loan relief payment with mobile banking national cybersecurity Coordination Center or the target of digital India and last but not the least eat governance that is through my government dot in to the communications between citizens and government is possible.
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