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Imagine a life which is full of seriousness, will you like it ??? I know you don’t. There should be some fun, excitement in our life to have a long term of happiness in our life……(Funny Status 2019 ||funny lines)

Here we have some of the best funny statuses\funny WhatsApp statuses, or you can say some of the best comedy WhatsApp status on the internet that you will never find anywhere else. (Funny Status Hindi)

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we have collected some of the comedy Whatsapp Status that will make you have a  smile on your face ……..

These are some of the funny status ||funny lines given below…………

Funny Status 2019

funny whatsapp status

  • if you can, please Accept my recommendation — I’m not utilizing it.


  • I’m great at stuff until individuals watch me do that stuff.


  • My activity is secure. Nobody else needs it.


  • For the most significant consideration, nothing beats a decent botch.


  • Dear Food, Either quit being so delicious or quit making me fat.


  • A lady’s brain is cleaner than a man’s: She transforms it all the more regularly.


  • Try not to pay attention to life as well. You will never receive in return alive.          (Funny Status)


  • I was brought up as a single youngster, which truly irritated my sister.


  • My wallet resembles onion, opening it makes me cry.


  • I cherish my activity just when I am in the midst of a get-away

WhatsApp funny status

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  • I don’t stay in contact with my family regularly. In any case, when I do, I hear it on the Police Scanner.


  • You know you’re old if you recollect when the main thing.


  • Never snicker at your significant other’s decisions. You’re one of them.


  • Love might be visually impaired. However, marriage is a genuine eye-opener.


  • You can never purchase love, yet at the same time, you need to pay for it.


  • I’m so weak I can’t focus!


  • If swimming is an activity, at that point for what reason do whales are fat.


  • “Continuously be consistent with yourself” since you lie to other people!


  • You’re lovely until your Photoshop multi-day preliminary has gone.

funny status for WhatsApp

comedy status

  • The cumbersome minute when you realize you shouldn’t giggle. However, you do.


  • Cash doesn’t bring satisfaction, yet shopping does.


  • Don’t you know it’s discourteous to talk while I’m intruding?


  • I’m extraordinary at performing multiple tasks. I can sit around, be useless, and dawdle at the same time.


  • Everybody atleast needs one friendship..based on mockery and tease.


  • I’m too sluggish even to consider stopping being lethargic.


  • I genuinely need to buckle down. Be that as it may, being sluggish is so much fun.                                     (Funny Status)


  • On the off chance that I won the honor for apathy, I would send someone to lift it for me.


  • I’m not lethargic; I’m on vitality sparing mode.


  • you could do with a phone was a discussion on it.


WhatsApp status funny for You

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  • If you were astonished by Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide, envision how astounded he was!


  • I need “Diet begins tomorrow” composed on my headstone.


  • I need somebody to give me a Loan and after that disregard me.


  • The more extravagant you get, the more costly joy progresses toward becoming.


  • I generally dream of being a mogul like my uncle! He imagines as well.


  • I am conversing with myself since I am my specialist.


  • I converse with myself. In some cases, I need master guidance.


  • I converse with myself since I like managing a superior class of individuals.


  • I needn’t bother with a beautician, and my cushion gives me another hairdo each morning.

comedy status in English

  • I swear my pad could be a beautician. I generally wake up with the most peculiar haircuts.


  • I’m not insane I lean toward the term rationally diverting.


  • The hardest thing I, at any point, attempted, was being typical.


  • Bible: Any nourishment you can effectively eat in bed without abundance scrummage or drippage      (Funny Status)


  • On the off chance that I’d shot you sooner, I’d be out of prison at this point.


  • I didn’t state it was your shortcoming, and I said I was accusing you.


  • Any room is a frenzy room on the off chance that you’ve lost your telephone in it.


  • It must be hard to post a helpful status when your Blood classification is B Negative.


  • The best things in life are free *plus shipping and handling

comedy friendship status

  • Just observed the sharpest individual when I was before the mirror.


  • I would get thinner. However, I hate losing.


  • I pursue the statement, “Consistently be consistent with yourself” since I lie to others!


  • I wish I could quiet individuals.


  • I don’t go searching for the inconvenience. Inconvenience more often than not discovers me.


  • Dear issues… Please give me some rebate… I am your standard client.


  • Accept my recommendation, and I don’t utilize it in any case.


  • Never chuckle at your significant other’s decisions. You’re one of them.


  • Love might be visually impaired, yet marriage is a genuine eye-opener.

Whatsapp quotes for status

comedy status lines

  • I’m so sick I can’t focus!


  • I’m too apathetic to even think about stopping being lethargic.


  • I genuinely need to buckle down. Be that as it may, being languid is so much fun.


  • If I won the honor for apathy, I would send someone to lift it for me.


  • I’m not apathetic, and I’m on vitality sparing mode.


  • I’m not apathetic; I lean toward the expression “specific investment.”


  • I’m not apathetic, and I’m exceptionally loose.                                                                  (Funny Status)


  • I’m not fleeing from diligent work, and I’m too weary even to consider running.


  • The inquiry I have not had the option to answer is “What… does a lady need?”


  • On the off chance that life gives you questions, Google offers you responses.

funny attitude status

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  • The main thing that meddles with my learning is my training.


  • Cash can’t purchase satisfaction. However, it pays for the web, which is essentially something very similar.


  • Never abandon your fantasies continue resting.


  • Shopping is artistry. I am a craftsman. Regard Please.


  • I genuinely need multi-day among Saturday and Sunday.


  • I cherish my activity just when I’m in the midst of a get-away.


  • I generally arrive late at the workplace. However, I compensate for it by leaving early.


  • I attempted my best to see things from your perspective. However, your attitude is moronic.


  • You draw out the best insults in me.


  • Are you insulted by the things I state? Envision the stuff I keep down!

funny WhatsApp status ideas

  • Words can’t express the amount I couldn’t care less.


  • I am not single. I am in a long haul association with fun and opportunity.


  • Try not to make me mess your reality up with reality.


  • I don’t care for morning people..or morning.. or then again individuals!


  • The ideal approach to recollect your better half’s birthday is to overlook it once.


  • Old fart, youthful heart.


  • Life isn’t a fantasy, and If you lose a shoe at midnight, you’re tanked.


  • Hardly any ladies concede their age. Barely any men demonstration theirs.


  • Behind each effective man is a shocked lady.


  • “3 words more excellent for a wedded lady than I LOVE YOU: No Cooking Today.”

comedy status in Hindi one line

  • I communicate in two dialects, Body and English.


  • How might I miss something I never had?


  • I think my iPhone is broken. I squeezed the home catch I’m still at school.


  • Kiss me, and you will perceive how significant I am.


  • I got called pretty today! Well, the full proclamation was “that is no joke!” But I center around positive things


  • Behind each extraordinary man is a lady feigning exacerbation.


  • In my home I’m the manager, my significant other is only the chief.


  • Ladies’ conciliatory sentiment: I’m heartbroken. However, it was your deficiency.

funny Hindi status

comedy whatsapp status

  • Indeed obviously, I am athletic… I surf the Internet consistently.


  • Today morning when I was driving my Ferrari, the alert woke me up.


  • Good day! Whatsapp is utilizing me.


  • Hello, you are perusing my status once more?


  • Life is excessively short. Try not to squander it perusing my Whatsapp status.


  • Hello you, better believe it I’m conversing with you, why the hellfire would you say you are perusing my status?


  • If you are perusing this, at that point, I’m sure you don’t have anything to do in your life.


  • I made a gigantic daily agenda for now. I can’t make sense of who will do it.


  • If Plan A comes up short, recall that you have 25 letters left.


  • In some cases, life allows you another opportunity because quite possibly the first occasion when you weren’t prepared.


  • Continuously Give 100%, Unless You’re Donating Blood

funny status for WhatsApp in English

  • I Was reminded that my blood classification is BE POSITIVE!


  • I am blood classification O-positive, which I recollect by staying ‘hopeful positive.’


  • I was destined to be a doubter. My blood classification is B Negative.


  • It’s not the flaw of the mirror on the off chance that you don’t care for your appearance.


  • I’m only a mirror for you, you are great, I’m ideal. You are terrible, and I’m most exceedingly awful.


  • Come if you are desperate to live in my heart, and pay no lease.


  • Dear pressure, allow’s split to up.


  • I wish I had an erase catch in my life. To delete a few people, a few recollections, and a few emotions.


  • Dispose of the “quality check” area on the Domino’s pizza tracker. I recognize what I’m getting myself into here.

These were some of the best funny Whatsapp status available on the internet, and we hope you like it.

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