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Diwali is a Hindu festival which is celebrated in autumn every year in India it is the first level of lights and is also known as Deepavali this festival symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and good over evil during the festival of Diwali people light up their houses offices shops etc the Dia’s are the oil lamps

it is celebrated in the Karthika month of Hindu calendar it is believed that this festival is celebrated as a mark of return of Lord Rama along with Sita from 14 years of exile during which Rama defeated the demon Ravana Diwali festival basically starts with Dhanteras on this day people buy new products of gold silver etc

then comes nacho – dashi which is also known as Jyoti Diwali people wake up early morning on this day apply perfume oil to the body before body they wear new clothes the demon Narakasura was killed on this day by Krishna Satyabhama and Connie Lakshmi puja falls on a malvasia of Krishna paksha in the month of Ashwin

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people worship the goddess of wealth on this day the next day is Diwali itself on this day people worship Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi for Prosperity they distribute sweets to friends and family children burst crackers on this day the next day is Goverdhan puja, not Krishna is worshipped on this day for is piled up at

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Hindu temples as an offering to Lord Krishna in this puja after Goverdhan pooja comes by dude on this festival sisters perform pooja do tika ceremony and pray to God for long and prosperous lives for their brothers searches the festival of Diwali which is the favourite festival of almost every Hindu individual this festival indicates the victory of God over the evil power

Diwali is probably the favorite festival for kids it gives a chance to celebrate the time with crackles Diwali falls on the last day of a swear jar which normally comes during the month of November there are many stories associated with Diwali it is said that Rama has returned to Ayodhya after killing Ramana on the day of Diwali people also relate Diwali to the defeat of police activity by the Vishnu avatar

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but the most popular and much interesting is the episode of Narakaura, Narakasura was born to Varaha an avatar of Vishnu and goddess God as he was born with the qualities of a demon goddess earth feared that he might be killed by Vishnu in future so she pleaded Vishnu not to kill narakasura at any cost Vishnu tautomer a while and said ok I will grant a boon except you no one can kill Narakusara goddess earth was so happy

to hear this she was confident that she would never kill her son as the days passed by Nanak o Salafi group powerful even the Indra couldn’t defeat NarakaSara the old mentor Lord Vishnu to protect them from narakasura Lord Vishnu shows them that the end is near for narakasura soon Lord Vishnu took the form of Shri Krishna and goddess earth was born as Satyabhama meanwhile narukasura continued his evil ruin he tormented the Rishi’s and challenged the kings on one such occasion he had to face Shri Krishna himself Shri Krishna

essay on diwali in english

knew that the death of Narakasara was in the hands of Goddess earth so he did not stop Satyabhama when she wished to see the battle the battle between Krishna and Narakasura in the wood fought fiercely after a while Narakuara was able to make Shri Krishna unconscious with one of his governesses then Satyabhama herself fought with narkasura she courageously phased him and aimed her arrows at him at

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the last narakasura has fallen for the arrows of Satyabhama in that day was called Naraka chatter the sea and people celebrated the occasion with lambs and crackers on the next day pitches of Diwali Diwali itself means a row of lamps Bhavani was celebrated not just by Hindus Jains and six to observe Bhavani for their own reasons the last thing Ankara of Jane’s Martha mana Mahavira has attained Nirvana on this very day people also worship goddess Lakshmi on this day she is believed to visit the house of a devotees on this day in fact

another name for Diwali is Lakshmi puja the bar bodies give a lot of importance to Lakshmi puja on this day and they new here, in fact, starts with Diwali everyone wakes up early on the day of Diwali does a headband wears new clothes spend the day with delicious feet pray for Goddess Lakshmi let’s the lamps at the sunset and starts firing the crackers the dark night of amorous glows brightly with the lamps lit on Diwali the fireworks of the Gali is set to decrease the chill of the belter and destroy the context that flourishes at nighttime as the night gets darker and the crackers countdown children go to their beds in a happy mood that stays into the next Diwali.

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