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corruption essay

Corruption free India essay

Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain it hurts everyone whose life livelihood or happiness depends on the integrity of people in a position of authority sometimes it’s devastating impact is more visible a father without she news because he has to pay to get his child into a free school a small shop owner weekly bribing the local inspector and cutting his modest earnings other times corruptions impact is less visible the corporations securing a contract through big-hearted kickbacks

to corrupt government officials the lower safety standards buildings pass thanks to under the counter bribes collapsing in an earthquake distracting the fight against corruption in 2003 countries in the United Nations concluded a Convention Against Corruption the unpacked is the first global anti-corruption treaty and takes a comprehensive approach to tackle corruption worldwide ratified by 148 states by 2010 it includes obligations for governments to prevent and criminalize corruption and to cooperate internationally with other countries the uncock is a major land market but only with constructive monitoring

what governments take the uncocks seriously the countries that are party to the intake adopted a review mechanism the first-ever peer review process of the United Nations system the mechanism has three bodies with supportive in the process all the states that are party to the uncapped must be removed by peer review genes middle of experts from to reviewing countries we review will x-ray domestic bribery foreign bribery embezzlement money laundering liability of companies whistleblower protection mutual legal

corruption essay

corruption in India essay

assistance and more civil society participation is a key element of a credible review process CSO’s role is to check government’s progress in implementing the uncock gives suggestions for improvement and provide support for governments to learn from good examples and to take similar actions only in this way can information be passed in this way can information be shared by all and only in this way can society at large determine how the country is faring in his fight against corruption and which are the areas that require additional attention.

Most countries in the world do. At least according to Transparency International. Its Corruptions Perceptions Index scored 180 countries on a scale of 0 to 100, where 0 means a country’s perceived to be highly corrupt and 100 means it’s seen as very clean. More than 120, or two-thirds of those countries, scored less than 50, and the average score was 43, definitely a failing grade to most people.

essay on corruption free India

But corruption isn’t just a moral issue, it’s an economic issue. And it’s costing the global economy, and you, a lot. It’s difficult to place an exact number on the global cost of corruption – but by most estimates, it’s in the trillions. That’s a lot, more than the entire GDP of most countries. Countries regarded as less corrupt, like New Zealand, Denmark, and Singapore, tend to have smaller populations.

Most of the countries on the list all have less than 10 million people. Size doesn’t guarantee a lack of corruption, some at the bottom of the list is small as well, but they tend to be war-torn countries like Somalia, South Sudan, and Syria. But most of the world’s most populous countries are pretty far down the list.

essay on corruption in India

There’s China coming in at 77, India at 81. And it gets worse for emerging but huge economies like Indonesia, Brazil, and Russia. Do you have a little money for tea? That’s local slang for a bribe in countries like China, India, and Thailand, where tea money is deeply entrenched in society.

essay on corruption

Last year, a survey estimated that one in four people in the Asia Pacific paid bribes to access public services like getting help from the police or getting an identity card. Police officers were the most likely to demand a bribe, and poorer and younger people were more likely to pay it.

It may seem trivial, but not when you think about it on a bigger scale. The IMF estimates that the annual cost of bribery is between $1.5 and $2 trillion, about two percent of global GDP.

how to stop corruption essay

And that’s only one type of corruption. Other types of corruption include money laundering, embezzlement, and fraud. The Turkish have a saying, a fish rots from the head down, meaning that problems start from the top. And the Panama Papers have given us a glimpse into how much rot has gotten into the system.

Encompassing 11.5 million secret files, the Panama Papers is one of the biggest document leaks in history, revealing just how much wealth has been hidden in offshore accounts and tax havens. To be clear, offshore accounts are legal, but the papers brought up fundamental questions about the ethics of tax havens. The papers revealed links to 140 politicians and public officials. Of which, 14 are current and former heads of state. As a result of the revelations, the prime ministers of Pakistan and Iceland were forced to resign.

Essay on corruption

The world’s second-highest-paid athlete, Lionel Messi was named and charged for tax evasion, while a suspected billion-dollar money laundering ring was linked to close associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Panama Papers wiped out $174 billion off the market capitalization of nearly 400 companies, making it the largest financial loss following a corporate scandal in history. And it’s not just companies.

Corruption can cost countries their economies. Brazil was once a high-flying emerging economy, but since 2014, it’s been gripped by the Car Wash scandal. Originally a money-laundering investigation, it became one of the largest corruption cases in history. At the core of it was state-owned oil firm Petrobras, which accounts for 10% of Brazil’s economy. Its officials were allegedly accepting huge bribes in exchange for lucrative government contracts.

The case led to prison sentences for top executives, billions of dollars in fines and more than 100,000 people being laid off. Brazil plunged into recession. Its GDP contracted sharply, while unemployment rates hit record highs. Brazil’s not the only case. Economists have found that corruption usually hurts a country’s economic growth. Why? Corruption can result in fewer investors wanting to put their money in the country.

essay on public participation in promoting integrity and eradicating corruption

One study found that a one-unit increase in corruption levels can reduce foreign direct investment per capita by about 11%. Corruption can also discourage people from paying taxes when they perceive that taxes are simply going into corrupt pockets. That means less money for the government, which in turn affects its ability to build infrastructure and public services crucial for economic growth.

Even in Europe, corruption can inflate the cost of a public project by 13%. That means lower quality projects despite higher spending. Institutions like the IMF and World Bank have faced tough questions about their lending policies, with critics saying that money sometimes finds itself in the hands of corrupt officials. The World Bank has stepped up, establishing offices to investigate and sanction corruption.

eradicate corruption build a new India essay

This year, it banned 78 firms and individuals from engaging in any new World Bank projects, bringing that number to about 1,000 in total. The IMF and World Bank have made fighting corruption a key priority. For instance, the IMF unveiled a new policy this year, promising to hold member countries to the same standards, making it a condition for IMF loans. It made good on its promise, only giving Ukraine $2 billion in aid after it put tougher reforms in place, like setting up an anti-corruption court.

Many governments have also made strong anti-corruption pledges, although the motives behind corruption crackdowns in places like China and Saudi Arabia have been questioned. Polling shows trust in public institutions and governments is near historic lows, and a lot of that is rooted in corruption. But as citizens protest, multinational organizations demand accountability and officials investigate, tea money may soon be left behind.

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