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Women Empowerment Essay

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Essay on women empowerment

women empowerment essay in English 200 words

women empowerment definition of women empowerment’s very simple it is making women powerful so that they can make their own decisions regarding their lives and well-being in the family and society is an impossible woman to make them able to get their real rights in the society as we all know that India is a male-dominated country and women are all words depressed on the name of tradition and rituals now things arise why we need women empowerment then answer is very simple without a woman help, a country cannot become a developed country according to swami Vivekananda a country’s progress totally depend on how women’s are treated in that countrywoman empowerment it’s very much necessary for social balance and equilibrium of society the need for woman empowerment arose because of gender discrimination and man domination in the Indian society to empower women in the recent years various constitutional and legal rights have been implemented by the Government of India in few last years the advantage of the woman empowerment is coming out in front of us women are being more conscious about their health education career job and society

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What do we understand by empowerment it means to Cope up the authority to authorize majority of women in India especially those living in the rural areas are uneducated and how can one expect a woman to succeed or even gains powers but they’re not even considered equal you can see that there are 29 states in India but only two states form an Associate Minister why is this woman empowerment No according to equality women have 50% mean of 14 chief ministers in India but there are only two and the rest of the stator and bam men but because they don’t want a woman to be empowered the another point


I like to discuss is why the society women are considered humans are not allowed to be independent in a society the as a child takes birth in the family for he or she has to be depended on the parents but in some areas when the girl child take birth in the family first she has to be dependent on the parents and after her mother’s she has to be dependent on husband throughout the whole life so basically she has to be dependent on others why is this woman empowerment – Society women’s are considered inferior to males the discrimination start at a time of birth they were suffering a lot from the society women suffer discrimination in ostriches upper life although there are many schemes to empower women there is a thinking in certain group of people that prevents women to be equal to men the uneducated and


the poor people are the meter set backs to the females we need a world where there is equality and justice done to the females the Animas in this need was realized after 63 years of India’s independence the data which I am going to tell you now will tell you the truth the percentage variation of gamma gives tremendous Heusen 16 to 2070 kidnapping an abduction there is 27 percent drives karate by husband or his relatives there is 11 a sort of woman there is 56 person drives and inside to the modesty of woman days 37 percent rise and total crime against tremendous 26 person drives these are the extra burden figures and that too after the launch of national mission for empowerment of women that slogan slogans like beti bachao beti per hour are common to you but as the 2011 census the present strength of women in India is 620 million and we will be surprised to know that per thousand men there are only 900 and


particularly forever when we come with the literacy rate of males are 82% mirrors of females are only 65% this so this makes us rethink that our women empower you can’t hide the real picture of India my dear friends and that too in this modern world of technology so let’s accept that still in India women suffering is continuing and light up woman has not yet changed time is helplessly watched women suffering in the form of discrimination oppression exploitation degradation again and you Malaysian you name any type of crime against women and I bet it still exists in India lastly I will request an appeal not only you are learning audience but also my opponents to accept this grim reality and unite together and – it at a more sincerity that we will fight against all such arts together in a machine mode and a Bauman rightly by the year 2020 thank you

essay on women empowerment in India 2000+ Words

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